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Shanghai Fluoking New Material Tech. Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company founded by a group of experts from different fields. Our company focuses on designing and synthesis of fluorinated organic compounds, organic intermediates and monomers of advanced fluorinated polymer, developing new chemical production technologies and processes, manufacturing of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals from gram to ton scale for pharmaceutical, drug discovery, agrochemical and materials industries. Difluoromaleic anhydride (CAS: 669-78-3) is our major product, and can be produced from kg to ton scale.
Fluoking New Material Tech is keen on future and development, keeping a broad view on future while focusing development, embracing the future with development and guiding development with a view on future.” Striving for perfection and perfectionist wins” is our faith. With this faith in mind, all members are dedicated to innovate and develop our best technologies with the “craftsman spirit”.  We dedicated to manufacture environment-friendly products through strict quality level and standard process management, so as to provide the best cost-effective products and services for our customers.  We are striving to raise our standards of technologies and products to meet the needs of current customers and satisfy the demands of future society. The products produced by Fluoking must be of high quality! Customers domestic and abroad are welcomed to do business and cooperation, and work together for a better future
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